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Promale Extender, Extend Your Personal & Intimate Life!

Why Use A Penis Extender?

  • Recent studies shows that over 300 women out of 350 said that size does matter and the other 10% stated that "as long as it wasn't small they could deal with it". Small penises have been noted to kill mens confindence, therefore making it hard for them to perform at high levels during sexual intercourse. Not only does it hamper mens self-confidence, but according to spouses and significant others of men with smaller penises "it kills the mode".
    • * Women tend to be more patient and less confortational when it comes to men with bigger penises.
    • * Bad or less fredquent sex is #2 Relationship killer.
    • * Women who can't experience climax tends to exit relationship .
    • * Women find men less attrative who have smaller penises.

  • After six months of consistant use of promale extender could potentially achieve a bigger penises and larger girth sizes. Partners have noticed some improvements in their sexual endurance. Women could experience vaginal orgasams more frequently, which leaves them longing for more time to be intimate with thier partner! Mens that has acheived just average results said that their self-confidence has sky rocketed which has dramitically improved their personal and work lives.
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Extender Reviews

Studies has proven that men who wear the extender for 4 to 6 hours a day could potentially see an increase in length and girth. Research shows extenders could actually have permanit results after treatments has stopped. Unlike surgery and pills that have many side effects, extenders have no negative side effects. Its a clear choice why this device is the best method of potential penis enlargment.


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